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The Truth

Life is stressful, skincare shouldn't be.

Giving you simple, effective products under $30.


Stripping skincare back down to the basics through simple formulas, minimal routines, and full transparency.

Why Stripped?

Cutting the BS out of skincare.

Each product at Stripped Beauty is freshly made in small batches and sent directly to your doorstep from our lab. Doing everything in-house allows us to ensure the highest quality skincare throughout the entire process—from R&D to shipping.

Got skin? Get Stripped.

Made for any gender, skin tone, or type, Stripped is on a mission to simplify skincare, ditch overly complicated routines, and leave marketing gimmicks behind. We're not here to sell you extreme claims; we're here to help you reach your skin goals. There’s no Stripped product that we don’t use (and love) ourselves.

Bottled and shipped by hand

Made in New York

Freshly made, ethical, small-batch skincare.

Formulated for all skin.

Taking care of your skin should be easy and affordable. We keep sensitive skin in mind when formulating our products and don't use fragrance or harsh ingredients. All of our products are vegan, cruelty-free, and under $30.