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Why Stripped Beauty Refuses to Retouch Skin in Campaigns

We often see retouching skin in photographs, especially in the beauty industry. Although retouching creates a smooth, perfect complexion, it simply isn't real and does not accurately represent what we look like. Skin is skin, and it's never going to be perfect, and that's okay.

Blemishes, dark circles, and hyperpigmentation is part of being human, and it's completely normal to have these skin "imperfections." With social media advertising these extreme skin/face-altering filters and photoshopped bodies, drawing the line between what is "normal" and how we're supposed to look can be challenging. Social media trends that set the beauty standard change so frequently and drastically and can end up distorting one's self-image and even cause damage to mental people's health.

At Stripped Beauty, we're committed to showing 100% real, natural skin at all times. That means all blemishes, facial hair, dark marks, breakouts, texture, and skin tone will never be edited and photoshopped off our campaigns. Of course, we believe in adjusting lighting and minor tweaks like that one flyaway that has to be sticking up in the photo, but we will never touch a model's skin. Our products are for all skin, so we show all skin. Our goal is to normalize not-so-perfect skin and create an inclusive beauty space with a mission for healthy, happy skin.

When we see skin that resembles our own, it reminds us that there's nothing wrong with how we look. Over-edited, filtered, and photoshopped campaigns are simply another way to bring down our self-esteem and convince you that you need to be an unrealistic standard that the models in the photos aren't even. Let's face it; breakouts happen. Hyperpigmentation happens. Dark circles, fine lines, and pores all exist; it makes us human.

Stripped Beauty is here to remind you that even on your "worst" skin days, you're beautiful just the way you are. Our goal is to create industry transparency and provide skin care products that make you feel your best. We show real skin, will never promise false claims, and will continue to showcase the beautiful and unique traits that make us who we are.

Take it easy on yourself, apply some SPF, and enjoy the day.
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