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Skincare is a family thing.

Hi, I'm Melissa! Would you believe me if I told you my first job at 14 was labeling and packaging dermatology-grade skincare? Well, it's true! My family lives and breathes cosmetic chemistry.

Between a dad who specializes in bioidentical hormones and medical-grade skincare and a mom who has spent years traveling the world as a cosmetic chemist, you can say the love for skincare runs in my family.

Each product at Stripped Beauty is backed by years of knowledge, science, and industry experience. We're here to offer you exactly what your skin needs.

Stripped of the industry tax, marketing, and BS.

We believe less is more. From our product formulations, to our packaging, to the way we do things. All our products are under $30 and made freshly in small batches, no middlemen manufacturers here.

Vegan | Cruelty-free | Woman Owned & Operated | LGBTQA+ | Small Batches