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Stripped: to be bare || reduce to the essentials and embrace simplicity

Stripped Beauty


Stripped Beauty is about embracing your skin with confidence, at all stages of your skin journey. Sometimes, you simply have to stick to what you know. And at Stripped Beauty, we know skincare. With 35+ years of experience in product formulation, we have it down to a science. Here, you’ll find products made with clean ingredients proven to work. For us, skincare is all about formulating responsibly and being transparent about what’s in our products. We consider each and every ingredient, it’s safety, and how it will interact with the formula. We only choose ingredients that will protect, nourish, and help heal your skin. All of our products are made in-house at our lab facility located in the beautiful Hudson Valley, New York.

We test all of our formulas on real people — never on animals.

The Founder


I created Stripped Beauty with a specific goal in mind: high-quality ingredients, affordable prices, powerful results.


Skincare is something I’ve always been passionate about. Growing up with sensitive, acne-prone skin made trying new products always a challenge. I couldn’t find an affordable routine that worked, and most products left my face irritated, or with breakouts. The idea of formulating my own line came to life when I started searching for a cleaner approach to treat my skin. I teamed up with my mom, who has been formulating cosmetics for over 35 years and began developing a line filled with acne and body-care products. Together, we founded Stripped Beauty, a brand that’s here to deliver your skin essentials, the simple way.

Local Love


Organic Oats // Wild Hive Farm

Organic Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil // Hudson Valley's Cold Pressed Oils

Organic Coffee // Irving Farm


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