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What Happens to Your Skin When You Layer Too Many Products On It

How many products do you use in your daily skincare routine? Though a ten-step skincare routine has been pushed onto us by social media, it could actually be what’s hurting your skin. Too much of a good thing is… not a good thing. We’re going to break down exactly what happens when you layer too many products on your skin, and how to repair the damage your skincare regimen may have caused.

Let’s Talk Actives

Active ingredients are compounds that have gone through chemical transformation while making a solution but still present in the finished products. These ingredients are specially tailored to treat specific skin issues like cystic acne, Rosacea, and sun damage. Actives like exfoliating chemicals, retinoids, and Benzoyl Peroxide are great for treating skin issues, but over-using them can actually create more issues. Using too many active ingredients can compromise or damage your skin barrier, leading to dryness, redness, and irritation.

We’re not telling you to throw those active ingredients out altogether, but instead encouraging you to become more conscious of how and when to use these ingredients. Skin cycling is a method coined by Dr. Whitney Bowe, and this could be the solution to a compromised skin barrier. This method involves cycling your skincare routine to ensure you aren’t layering too many products together at once. For example, on the first night of your skin cycling routine, exfoliate your skin. On the second night, use just your Retinol and a moisturizer. On the last two nights, focus on hydrating your skin barrier and layer on those serums, moisturizer, and oils. This routine ensures that you aren’t layering on too many active ingredients at once, and your skin is given the chance to breathe.

Stripped Back Skincare

Stripped Back Skincare is all about keeping your skincare routine minimal, intentional, and effective. Though it may seem tempting, you don’t have to buy that new trending skincare product on social media that will soon be replaced by another. Your skin will see far better results if you stay consistent with a skincare regimen that you know works. Strip your skincare routine back down to the basics; a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF are all your skin really needs. Listening to your skin rather than social media trends will give you the skin that you want.

Layering on too many products can yield the exact opposite results that you’re looking for, so if your skin barrier feels compromised, give your skin the break it’s begging for and watch as your skin starts healing.

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