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#StrippedBackSkincare: Stripped Beauty's Sustainability Efforts

The cosmetics industry is constantly producing more and more products to keep up with the latest social media trends, encouraging consumers to buy more than what they actually need. 120 billion units of packaging from the cosmetics industry alone end up in landfills every year. This has proven to be detrimental to both our skin and the planet. We believe that less is more, and that we can all be more intentional about our consumerism, and our skincare routine. 

Changing the beauty industry starts with brands, and the marketing, production, and distribution choices they make on a daily basis. We’re starting this change from within with our #StrippedBackSkincare journey. Stripped Back Skincare means taking accountability as a brand for the negative impact you could be making on the environment. It’s forcing brands to evaluate how their practices are unsustainable, and causing more harm than good. 

We’re changing the way consumers, and brands, look at skincare. Here’s how we’re doing it:

It All Starts with Packaging

Packaging is the beauty industry’s largest contributor to environmental waste. 91% of packaging waste ends up in landfills, or in the environment. This hurts our planet, our animals, and ultimately it hurts us

We opt for 100% biodegradable packing peanuts to ensure they aren’t ending up in landfills. We also encourage our customers to properly recycle their packaging after their products arrive at their doorstep. Be sure to remove all stickers and tape and flatten out your box before throwing it in the recycling bin. 

We’re also moving toward PCR, or post-consumer resin, plastic for our packaging as we grow and are able to purchase higher volumes. Until then, we choose recyclable plastic and glass to package our products in. 

The Stripped Beauty Lab

At Stripped, we formulate, manufacture, test, and distribute all of our products right from our own lab. This not only ensures the highest level of quality control, but the reduction of our carbon footprint. We also currently only ship within the United States, as the environmental toll of overseas shipping is far too great for us to justify. 

Simple Ingredients 

One of our most prominent motivators for starting Stripped Beauty was simplifying the long ingredient lists on many beauty products. We strive to use the least amount of ingredients possible while still delivering effective products.

Less ingredients also means less products are being transported, ultimately reducing carbon emissions. One ingredient can come in up to a 55 gallon drum, and the gas emissions that are released during transportation are astronomical. 

We also make sure that we are only sourcing our ingredients from ethical suppliers that share our values. 

#StrippedBackSkincare is all about reframing the way we think about skincare. We can all be doing more to reduce our carbon footprint, and slow down the rapid decline of our environment. 

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