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It's Time to De-Influence Skincare

It's an undeniable fact that influencer marketing and overconsumption have taken social media by storm. New, trendy products that all do the same thing are pushed onto us every single day, and honestly, we're tired of it. 2022 was the year of influencer marketing and mass overconsumption; 2023 is the year we cut out the B.S. 

At Stripped Beauty, we believe that less is more when it comes to skincare. The past few years have led consumers to believe that we need ten-step skincare routines and multiple skincare products that will sit on the counter and not get used. The truth is that you don't need four different serums, three cleansers, and two moisturizers. Stripping your skincare routine back to the basics and using products that suit your skin type will reap far better results for your skin than an extensive skincare routine. Using too many products and active ingredients in your skincare routine could actually be hurting your skin more than helping it. 

Consistency is key in skincare, so if you have products that work for your skin, stick to them and tune out the latest social media trends. Skincare doesn't have to be aesthetic or trendy; it just has to work. Our motto is science, facts, and research before trying a new skincare product.

Here are some steps we're taking to de-influence skincare:

1. Using up existing products before buying new ones. 

That new cleanser everyone is talking about may be tempting, but if you own one that works for your skin, you don't need it. If you want to try it, use up your existing product before purchasing a new one.


2. Listening to our skin's needs and treating it accordingly. 

Skincare is up to your individual skin needs, not the latest trending product. Treat your skin accordingly; not everyone's skin barrier needs to be repaired. 

3. Trusting chemists, dermatologists, and estheticians when it comes to products. 

Skincare professionals know best; they've done the research. It's better to listen to and trust them about ingredients and products when building your skincare routine. 

4. Gifting products we don't use to friends and family

A product may not work for you, but it might be just what one of your loved one's needs. Instead of letting products go to waste, repurpose and gift them.

5. Doing research before purchasing new or trendy products. 

Will this product work for your skin? Is it suited for your skin type? Is it formulated with high-quality ingredients? Your skin is your body's largest organ, so ensure you're treating it with care. 

It can be difficult to turn away from your favorite influencer's newest recommendation, but the health of your skin should always be a priority. Overconsumption is out; stripped Back Skincare is in. 

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