It's time to strip your skincare routine down to the essentials and stick to what works.

Welcome to Stripped Beauty, a simple approach to skincare. We make high-performing, minimal ingredient, vegan skincare products in upstate New York.

Our vision is to change the way skincare brands interact with consumers. To do this, we're offering results over empty marketing, implementing sustainable beauty practices, and giving back to the community when we can.

We test all of our products on real people—never animals.

Formula First

You may have noticed that our packaging is as simple as our products. That's because we believe that the formula is the star of the show, not the packaging; you won't find any fancy marketing gimmicks here. All formulas at Stripped Beauty have been intentionally developed to use as few ingredients as possible. We use naturally derived ingredients when we can because we believe in the power of combining science and nature.

Quality ingredients and formulations should be accessible to everyone. At Stripped, we do everything we can to provide a luxury experience and always keep the price point under $30 for each product.

Skin Behavior > Skin Type

We take a different approach to skincare because there are so many factors that affect your skin type and how it changes over the years. With so many internal and external factors that can lead to your skin behaving differently, we strive to understand how to adapt. That's why we create multi-functional vegan skincare products that are suitable for all skin types - even the most sensitive.

Stripped Beauty Fresh Grapefruit Face Scrub

Who is Behind Stripped?

We're just a small team of beauty lovers and chemists who believe in bridging the gap between scientifically backed ingredients and naturally derived ingredients. Quality skincare shouldn't be a luxury. Here at Stripped, our goal is to make it accessible to everyone. We're bringing you #skingoals without breaking the bank.

Keep it real. Keep it simple. Keep it Stripped.