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7 Choices We are Making to be More Sustainable

We love our planet. Like really really love it. As a company, we believe it's super essential for us to do our part in taking steps toward helping our environment and reducing waste. So here's a quick blog post to update you on what we're doing to help our planet here at Stripped Beauty. Want to see us do more or have ideas? Leave a comment, we would love to hear from you!

How Stripped Beauty is making environmental efforts:

1. Let's start with being natural-obviously! Since we use clean, simple, and minimal ingredients, we make less of an environmental impact when it comes to stuff like water and soil pollution.

2. We love sourcing our ingredients locally! Did you know that we include (GF) organic oats in almost all of our products? We love the benefits of oats for your skin and are proud to source them locally, here in the Hudson Valley, from Wild Hive Farm! Some other favorite local ingredients that we use can be found in our Espresso Bean Soap, which contains coffee from Irving Farm. Additionally, we use sunflower oil in a bunch of products which comes directly from Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils. Using local ingredients not only benefits small businesses but reduces air pollution along with cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions. It's a win-win for everyone! Besides that, we know exactly where our materials come from and how they were made!

3. We promise never to use palm oil. In case you don't know what palm oil is, it's an oil derived from the fruit of the oil palm tree and can be found in a LOT of cosmetics and food products. Now, this one isn't awful if the oil is sourced from an ethical supplier. Unfortunately, it's challenging to deem what manufactures are ethically moral and what's not (especially since we can't see how the oil is being derived.) All we know is that palm oil is one of the leading contributions to wiping out rainforests, spewing carbon into the atmosphere, and driving the orangutan and other animals toward extinction. Instead of palm oil, we use Shea Butter, which we really love!

4. We use glass jars and vials. We all know what plastic does to our planet, we try to prioritize glass for packaging since it's always going to be recyclable. For our products in plastic bottles, they are all BPA free and recyclable. With that, it's still plastic- we are currently working on ways to switch them over to a more sustainable container. (We'd love to implement a buy-back program, but until then, please remember to recycle your empty products!)

5. Bar soap! Did you know that bar soap is the most environmentally friendly choice when it comes to soap? Liquid soap/body wash has 10x the carbon footprint of bar soap and can contain up to 20% more packaging than a bar of soap. Not to mention how drying body wash can be. All of our bar soap includes a ton of moisturizing ingredients, so you don't have to worry about drying out that beautiful skin.

6. We love using recycled paper. We use it to wrap our soaps, print letters, packing slips, and just about everything related to paper.

7. Making conscious shipping choices. We took months figuring out the perfect shipping methods that could reduce as much waste as possible but still have a fun unboxing experience. To start, we use these special biodegradable packing peanuts, made from potatoes! They dissolve in water or can be thrown into compost piles after a single-use. We also decided to go with green eco-friendly bubble wrap made of up to 40% recycled content with up to 20% from post-consumer sources. Lastly, we include a slip in every order explaining how to recycle everything and what is made out of what, printed on a square card made from 100% recycled cotton shirts.

We promise that we always got you and the planet at the top of our minds when making choices. Thank you for making a cleaner, greener choice every time you shop with Stripped Beauty.



For as long as i can remember i have struggled with horrible cystic acne, and nothing seemed to clear it up. but since i’ve been using Stripped Beauty my skin has been FLOURISHING GIRL. i have used the black clay mask and the oil. i love an all natural skin brand but this brand takes it to a whole new level. highly recommend. can’t wait to see what new products come from this amazing earthy line.


love this mel!

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