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Voted Most Likely to Heal Your Skin: ProVitamin B5 Explained

Dec 29, 2021 · by Stripped Beauty


Last week, we talked about Humectants and their skin benefits. Today, we will talk about a different Humectant with some other skin benefits: ProVitamin B5.


ProVitamin B5, panthenol, pantothenic acid... there are so many different names for this ingredient. The most common two that we see in skincare are Panthenol and ProVitamin B5. At Stripped Beauty, you'll find it by ProVitamin B5. This water-soluble vitamin is in many different foods; it's one of the eight necessary B vitamins our body needs! When applied topically, it can help soften, hydrate, and protect your skin.


We love ProVitamin B5 for its skin benefits and suitability to work with all skin types. Here are some benefits as to why you'll find this powerhouse ingredient in your Stripped Beauty skincare products. 

Hydrating and Plumping

ProVitamin B5 has both humectant and emollient properties, making it a perfect ingredient to help keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. ProVitamin B5 protects your skin's barrier and helps to retain its moisture levels to shield it from irritation. By using a product with ProVitamin B5, you can maximize your skin's hydration while improving its overall softness and elasticity.


Healing and Protection

Besides being a fantastic skin-plumping ingredient, ProVitamin B5 contains anti-inflammatory properties, making it a natural skin healer and protector. It can help relieve skin irritation, itchiness, and discomfort. The calming benefits of ProVitamin B5 can help reduce redness and speed up your skin's healing process, making it great for acne-prone and sensitive skin.



How to Use It


ProVitamin B5 is one of those ingredients that go well with most other ingredients, so it'll be effective no matter how you use it! Always apply your skincare products to freshly cleaned skin. ProVitamin B5 is one of those ingredients that you can use multiple times a day. Still, your best bet is to follow the directions for the particular formulation when determining how many times per day to use it. 


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