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3 Stripped Beauty Products That Will Bring Your Skin Back to Life This Summer

JULY 1, 2021 · Written by Susana Gotera for Stripped Beauty


It's summertime, and that means it's time to glow. With humidity and heat thriving, taking care of your skin is essential. Now, we all know to do our face care routines, but don't forget about your body! Indulging in body care can be your new way of self-care this season, and your skin will thank you. Sweaty, summer skin can cause backne and other breakouts, and skin that has been exposed to the sun NEED moisture. We're here to make treating body acne, dryness, and texture this summer way more manageable with these affordable tips.

1. Breakout Control Bar Soap

Part of maintaining healthy skin over the summer is choosing products that will help control excess oil and breakouts while keeping your skin soft. With summer comes heat, and with heat comes sweat, and that build-up can cause unwanted breakouts on your skin. Making the switch from body wash to natural bar soap will make all the difference in your skin. Acne Control is made with Tea Tree Oil and Bentonite to target acne on your back, neck, and anywhere else you're breaking out. It's time to embrace your skin journey and control acne in those unwanted areas.

Bootycare Tip: to control and prevent unwanted acne on your bum, try using the Cosmo Clay Mask to draw out those excess oils that accumulate with the heat. After applying and rinsing off the mask, finish with a hydrating lotion of your choice. I love to use our Body Lotion for a silky smooth finish.

2. Morning Brew Body Scrub

Wake up and become the human latte the morning you have always wanted to be. Exfoliating is an essential step, and our favorite, in your skin routine. Using a body scrub such as Morning Brew has multiple benefits. It can help increase circulation, help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and promote cell turnover. Exfoliating will have your skin feeling soft, smooth and help you achieve the summer glow of your dreams even before you even apply lotion.

Morning Brew Body Scrub

3. Tea Time Body Lotion

Choosing the right lotion during the summertime can be a game-changer. For me, it's all about the texture. Lightweight but long-lasting is key, and sometimes lotion can leave you either super oily or dry if it's not the perfect consistency. The Tea Time Body Lotion is the perfect year-round lotion due to its non-greasy texture that absorbs into your skin for instant soft and silky skin.

Tea Time Body Lotion

Keeping up with body care might not be as fun as keeping up with your face care, but incorporating these three easy-to-use products into your new, glowing body care routine will make everything much more simple and easy to remember. Whether you are struggling with back acne, cellulite, or dry skin, this is your reminder that it's totally normal. Nobody has perfect skin, and a few breakouts or "imperfections" shouldn't keep you from embracing your body this summer. Remember to have fun, be safe, and use your SPF.


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