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Let's Talk all About Face Masks

There's just nothing like a good face mask.

Bad day? Face mask. Breakouts? Face mask. Stressed? F A C E M A S K. At least, that's how we feel! With so many different types of masks and ingredients, it's hard to know what mask is right for your skin.

We're going to break down what we put in our masks and why. At Stripped Beauty, we have two different clay masks: our Clarifying Clay Mask and our Retexturing Face Mask. For these, we recommend applying an even layer to your skin and waiting for about 10 minutes until it's almost dry to wash it off. If you leave a clay mask on for too long, your face might get slightly red, and you can risk drying your face out. To prevent this, we formulate with Organic Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Oil, and Glycerin! We also love to use our masks as a spot treatment for breakouts. To do this, just apply a small amount to the problem area, go to bed, and wash it off in the morning!  

Look at the whole formulation.

When it comes to formulating, our focus is to make the most effective products possible by combining different levels of each ingredient. Whenever you are buying skincare products, try to judge the whole formulation as opposed to one ingredient. We say this because both of our masks contain Bentonite Clay and Kaolin Clay, yet our Retexturing Clay Mask is much more suitable for sensitive skin. This is because we added Rose Clay and Rose Water, which both have gentle, soothing properties to help with inflammation and redness.

Clarifying Clay Mask: made for problem skin to banish breakouts.

Retexturing Clay Mask: made to reduce appearance of pores and restore glow.

So, what clays do we use?

Bentonite Clay: Deeply cleanse your skin, flush toxins, and remove excess dirt. This volcanic ashy clay is great for attracting and drawing out impurities to heal acne.

Kaolin Clay: Gentle detoxifying and stimulating effects. This white, soft clay is perfect for removing impurities while keeping your skin soft and healthy.

French Green Clay: High absorbency, great for controlling oily and acne prone skin. Also great to help firm and soothe skin.

French Red Clay: Cleanse and exfoliates the skin, great to enhance blood circulation; stimulating elastin and collagen production.

Rose Clay: Gentle Clay suitable for just about every skin type, great for reducing skin irritation and inflammation.

...but all these clays will dry out my skin!

Well, maybe if you use them by themselves. Luckily, we worked hard to make sure they don't! All of our face masks include Cocoa Butter, Glycerin, and local Cold-Pressed Sunflower Seed Oil to ensure your skin gets the moisture it needs!

Cocoa Butter: Great for locking in moisture and protecting the skin barrier. Also great for healing scars and acne-prone skin!

Glycerin: Great for all skin types: improving skin permeability, skin elasticity, and can help cure skin irritation caused from Sulfates.

Cold Pressed Sunflower Seed Oil: Great source of Vitamin E. It also has emollient properties that help the skin retain its moisture.

Now, lets incorporate a face mask into your routine.

You're going to want to apply a clay mask to a clean, dry face. Otherwise, you could end up layering it on top of bacteria and dirt! We recommend using a gentle face wash and always apply your mask with clean hands!

Step 1

Wash your hands and cleanse your face with a gentle face wash. Make sure to let your face fully dry!

Step 2

Apply an even layer of mask to your face or problem area, letting the mask sit for about 10 minutes. Rinse off and pat dry.

Step 3

Don't skip your moisturizer! You don't want dry skin. Seriously, your skin will thank me. 

Incorporating a face mask a couple times a week into your skincare routine can make a HUGE difference. Remember, results don't happen overnight. It's important to follow and stick to a routine in order to get the results that you want. What's your favorite clays to mask with? Let us know in the comments! 

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